Love where you are! Wait? You can do that?

love yourself

I shared this with the women in my squat challenge group this past week and I felt like the impact was worth sharing with you all as well.

I want to be sure to tell you… I am on my own journey as well. I had a chance to sit and chat with my friend Bethany the other day & were able to come to the conclusion that loving yourself is a “take up your cross daily” kind of thing. People who “love themselves as they are” don’t conquer it one day and are cured for life. They wake up every day, and CHOOSE love. –> yes friends, it sounds crazy but we have a choice. 

You gotta tell yourself you’re awesome. Dispel satans lies about who you are through Gods word, and LOVE who God made you to be!
Here is my motivation for you today:
As you begin your new life style, remember health and fitness is a life time journey. You will have ups and downs and all arounds. Lol. Fall in love with who you are right now! Otherwise, when the change you want to see finally happens, you will still only see flaw. Don’t get your self in the mind trap of “if only _________ then I would be happy”. It is a spiral into a never ending hole of not being satisfied with who God designed you to be.
With that being said, have fun on your journey, learn something new about yourself, Give it your best shot and don’t give up!
I love you guys! Smile 😁 you’re worth it!

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