OH the judgement!

Here is my encouragement for you today <3

Some people will choose to judge you NO MATTER WHAT!

Your hair is too long, too blonde, too short. You wear too much makeup, you don’t put it on right, you don’t wear enough. Your body is shaped weird, you’re too skinny, too fat, too muscular. You’re too compassionate, you’re not compassionate enough. You’re too pretty, too intimidating, too ugly, too shy, too outgoing.

NO MATTER WHAT some people will not like you.

And that’s okay! For every one person who has an issue with who God made you to be… there are 5 more who love and adore you just as you are!!! 5 more who will stand by your side and do life with you. 5 more who don’t focus on the negative but lift you up! Love you ❤️

Be confident. Love yourself. Life is hard guys! God made each of us different for a REASON!! #bekind #lifeishard #compassion #grace #love

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