Gluten Free Saved My Life


What going Gluten Free has done for me:

* Diminished the ulcer like feeling from my liver.
* Diminished the extreme rise in my heart rate from contact.
* Diminished the feeling of suffocation and inability to breathe. 
* Diminished my acid reflux that burned for days.
* Diminished the burning feeling that went down my throat the moment I swallowed grains containing gluten (wheat, barley, rye, triticale and some oats).
* Diminished the EXTREME exhaustion problem I had.
* I no longer needed to take 3 – 4 hour naps after meals (what I called my “carb coma”).
* Heavily reduced my irritability after eating.
* I no longer feel painful bloating or random swelling in my abdomen & joints.

Im not saying gluten-free is the way to go for everyone… but it sure solved a lot of HUGE problems for me! Something I praise God every day for helping me see!!

Something most people don’t understand… something I didn’t understand myself until I had no other choice. Gluten free doesn’t mean RESTRICTED DIET. It doesn’t mean, no bread, no cake, no pizza…

It just means that you have to eat pancakes made from OTHER grains.

It means that most people will make fun of you and think you have a “made up disease”.

It means that you will eat out at restaurants that claim the “gluten free” and serve you contaminated food… which results in a very painful and uncomfortable evening.

It means that you cant take communion at church. Oh the judgment… lol.

It means that your food will be EXTREMELY delicious & that you will be come an AMAZING cook! A lot of cooking failures that lead to success!

It means that you become more aware of the food that you put in your body.

I have had delicious gluten free cake, cup cakes, (frosting is naturally gluten free 😉 ), bread that is to die for, crackers with incredible flavor…

You wouldn’t believe the products that have WHEAT in them… and then once i realized this… I thought… hum… no wonder obesity is a huge problem in the US… EVERYTHING HAS WHEAT FILLERS… cheese, spices, bread coated everything, candy, coffee, soup… you name it… it probably has a wheat filler.

No I’m not a psychotic, snobby, food nazi… But when you find a life style that makes you feel good, healthy and alive… you take it and RUN!

So, the next time someone tells you they have a gluten intolerance, have celiac disease, or a wheat allergy… smile and be kind to them. They want to eat the wheat! Even if they say they don’t… they do! But I know from experience… the fire of hell burning inside my throat, liver and stomach is not worth a single bite.

Gluten Free for me… Saved my life.

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