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Many of you do not know me. Many of you have stumbled upon my blog because of a silly tag, or a very real tag I used recently. I first wanted to say welcome!! I am ecstatic that you stopped by & have taken time out of your day to listen to what I have to say about life! Its a tough world out there guys! Im glad to have YOU by my side =)

So welcome! Here is my corny introduction to help you get to know me a little better.

15 interesting facts about me:

  1. I have worked almost every job under the sun! (and I’m only 27 😉 ) Cashier @ Joann Fabrics, Waitress @ two different sports bars, Bartender, Hair Salon Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Dance Instructor, Cosmetologist, Clerk @ a Music Store, Account Manager @ a Music Store, Website Builder, Event Planner, Music Hall Coordinator, Hostess & Now Dance Studio Owner. (There you go… 15 facts about me… my jobs) LOL jk.^That looks like insanity, but truly I normally have 2 or 3 jobs at once. My longest standing being a dance instructor of 9 years which lead to my current occupation (Lord willing my final occupation as Dance Studio Owner of 2 years).
  2. I play the piano, acoustic guitar & ukulele. (Vlog coming soon 😉 )
  3. I was recently married on July 7th, 2017 to the love of my life <3
  4. I am an animal lover and aspiring VEGAN =0 (oh yes! I said the forbidden word… VEGAN!) Something you will soon learn about me, I do not classify myself in any particular category as far as FOOD goes, but  I thoroughly enjoy a plant based diet… I’ll elaborate eventually ;P
  5. Pets?!?! I currently have 2 cats (One 2 year old long hair / one 7 year old short hair) and my very best friend Jude the Labradoodle <— you will get to know him very well the longer you follow! Umm.. he’s ADORABLE!
  6. I come from a very VERY large family! With both of my parents being divorced and re-married I have siblings out the wazoo 😉 haha but man I love each and every one of them! I have 1 biological sister & 2 biological brothers. I also have 3 step-sisters & 2 step brothers, a sister-in-law & other step siblings I have not met yet (things get spaced out as you become an adult!) but basically we are the scattered Brady bunch!
  7. My favorite activity on planet earth (other than dancing) is writing <3 oh man I love to write. I have a very “SMALL” notebook addiction (I hope you felt the irony there.) I discovered as an adult that my notebook addiction came from this burning desire inside of me to write. There is no, I mean NO greater feeling than buying a fresh new notebook with clean blank pages =0 (you can call me a werido now… or you can relate… and then we need to be best friends! )
  8. The beach is my escape… this is sad because I live in the middle of no where eastern Pennsylvania. So rock on mountain life!
  9. I hate pickles & mustard. If it touches my plate… IM DONE. Oh.. & Gluten – Free. My body has thanked me.
  10. I am strangely overly compassionate…. Hints my vegan aspiration. I believe this is a gift, not a curse.
  11. I secretly collect gift bags, gift wrap & tissue paper =D Unexpected birthday party today? I got you covered!
  12. My relationship with Jesus has transformed my life from the deepest darkest hole to a bright and shining personality like the summertime sun (at the beach of course!)
  13. I sing randomly about my actions through out the day. For example: As I am stirring the spaghetti… “IM STIRRING SPAGHETTIIIIIII OHH IM STIRRING SPAGHETTI!!!”. My husband secretly loves it as he tells me to “Stop singing about every single thing I do.” hehe.
  14. I just moved out of a house I lived in for 8 years (20 -27 years old) in to this beautiful spacious house my husband & I will be living in together as our fist home <3 —coming soon to “soul food”… how to find joy in stressful days.
  15. I am NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT a morning person.

The end.

& don’t forget to keep smiling,


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  1. I love it, you’re a wonderful young lady. I am also a notebook freak! I gave several stacked together. One is my devotional note taking/dairy comments one. One is my Mary Kay educational one, one is daily jot down, like if I post something on Craigslist, etc. And I have a notebook for my contacts for bookings. That’s my notebook habits, lol. Diane B.

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